Keeping Guelph Safe ... Together.

Building Safety & Security


• Light up all entrances, including alleys, with vandal-proof fixtures.
• Leave some lights on inside your premises.
• If the door is glass, it should be lit up inside and outside.


• Avoid high displays near windows that could keep a passer-by from seeing in.
• Keep all weeds, shrubbery and debris away from windows and doors. Don't provide concealment or climbing platforms for a burglar.
• Lock up ladders and all tools that could invite a break-in or make a burglar's job easier.


• Install an alarm system.
• Do not rely on your alarm system as your only means of security. They are most effective when used in conjunction with other basic security measures.
• Post a notice that shows you have an alarm system.


• Keep cash to a minimum with frequent, irregular bank deposits.
• Anchor your safe to the floor in a well-lit, highly visible location.
• Leave empty cash drawers open after hours to prevent damage.
• Keep an accurate inventory of all valuables.
• Surveillance cameras are a good deterrent and provide valuable evidence of robberies.


• Don't argue. The robber may be more frightened than you.
• Do exactly as he/she asks, and be as polite and accommodating as possible.
• Do not make any sudden moves.
• Memorize the robber's description in detail. Write everything down as soon as possible without jeopardizing your safety. Try to pick distinguishing features such as moles, a missing tooth, tattoos etc.
• Set off the hold-up alarm, once the robber has left the premises.