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Cocaine and Crack Cocaine are one of the same. Cocaine is transported in powder form. Cocaine is then cooked to a solid form which is known as Crack Cocaine.

Street Names for Cocaine
• Coke
• Snow
• Blow
• Nose Candy

Street names for Crack Cocaine
• Rock
• Crack
• Eight Ball
• Twenty Piece
• Ten Piece

What does Cocaine look like?
Most street level cocaine is a fine, white, shiny, odorless powder, resembling snow. To increase the profit, cocaine is normally cut several times with other substances and could contain many impurities.



What does Crack Cocaine look like?
Crack cocaine is usually an off-white or yellowish-white color, like chunks of soap or plaster, "rocks"



• 10per 1/10gram (Cocaine)
• $10per 1/10gram (Crack Cocaine)

Method of Use
Cocaine (powder) is water soluble and can be snorted or injected. Duration of effects: snorting, 45 to 60 minutes; injected, 20 to 30 minutes. Crack and freebase cocaine are non-water soluble and are smoked, with duration of effects five to 15 minutes.

Initial rush, high euphoria (feeling of pleasure, strength and superiority) followed by a state of anxiety and depression. The powerful stimulant effect can only be maintained by continual consumption.

Symptoms of use
• Dilated pupils
• Hyperactivity
• Heavy Perspiration
• Irritability
• Tremors
• Erratic aggressive behavior

Long Term Effects
• Addiction
• Paranoia
• Psychosis
• Hallucinations

Delusions (symptoms such as believing insects are under the skin; the user may make attempts to remove these, often with a knife)